Are mixed tocopherol (E306), Ascorbyl palmitate (E304) be permitted to be used in cookies and mooncake in Australia?


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  1. Ricebowl Food Expert
    June 24, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    According to Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, below are the list of permitted Tocopherol for food additives:


    INS 307  Tocopherol, d-alpha-, concentrate

    INS 307b Tocopherols concentrate, mixed

    INS 308 Synthetic gamma-tocopherol

    INS 309 Synthetic delta-tocopherol


    The usage of tocopherols listed above and ascorbyl palmitate are permitted for use as a food additive may be present in cookies and mooncake with GMP* limit.


    *A reference to ‘GMP’ is a reference to the maximum level necessary to achieve 1 or more technological purposes under conditions of GMP



    • Federal Register of Legislation. (2017). Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code – Schedule 15 – Substances that may be Used as Food Additives.

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