Is Caramel Colour (E150d) permitted to be used in cookies in Japan?


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  1. Ricebowl Food Expert
    October 10, 2019 at 12:28 pm

    According to Japan’s Specification and Standards for Food Additives (Eighth Edition), caramel color (150d) is one of the substances listed in the “List of Designated Additive” and is allowed to be used in all foods except fresh fish/ shellfish (including whale meat), KONBU (kelp)/WAKAME (seaweed) (both Laminariales ), legumes/pulses, meat, NORI (laver) (except when gold is used on NORI), tea leaves, or vegetables.



    • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. (2018). Japan’s Specifications and Standards for Food Additives (JSFA), 9th Edition. F. Standards for Use.

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