What are the recipes for making grass jelly instant powder with real grass jelly extract and without real grass jelly extract?


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    October 20, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    Black cincau or black grass jelly (Mesona palustris BL) is a traditional food and used as a mixture for desserts or beverages and is believed to have a medicinal function in Indonesia. Mesona palustris BL contains a non-starch polysaccharide known as Mesone Blumes Gum (MBG) which interacts with starch (Lersch, 2014).
    Grass Jelly Powder Recipes/ Composition

    Example 1 – With real grass jelly extract

    Ingredients used:

    • Sugar
    • Glucose
    • Grass Extract Powder
    • Starch
    • Cellulose Gum
    • Gelling agents (Agar agar, Guar gum, Carrageenan, Locust bean gum, Xanthan gum, Arabic Gum)
    • Emulsifier
    • Stabilizer

    Source from: JK Foods, n.d.
    Example 2 – without real grass jelly extract


    • 500 ml of Water
    • Mint (Dried or fresh leaves)
    • 0 g grain sea salt
    • ½ of table sugar
    • 5 g konjac (0.1%)
    • 0 g carrageenan (0.2%)


    1. Prepare a herbal tea or infusion of herbs.
    2. Add sugar and a grain of salt. Infuse for 10-15 minutes.
    3. Add Konjac and carrageenan (can be replaced by Xanthan gum).
    4. Mix and then boil for a couple of minutes.
    5. Strain into ramekins or bowls.
    6. Jelly can be used as it is.

    Source from: Lersch, 2014


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