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Chinese Demands Made Thailand Wafer Brand Chocky No.1 During 11.11 Sale Festival

Recently, the annual “Double 11” shopping festival in China has come to an end. Apart from the usual fierce competition of local businesses, consumers’ pursuit of high quality imported food is increasing. Among them, we were surprised to find out that Thailand’s brand “Chocky” has gained excellent performance, becoming the No.1 selling in wafer category of Tmall from October 21 to November 11.

Chinese people are highly interested in “food” since ancient times, and the leisure food industry has occupied a huge market for a long time. According to Frost & Sullivan, the sales volume of China’s snack food industry reached 1,029 billion RMB in 2018.

Meanwhile, with the rise of China’s economy, imported food will have a prosperous development locally. According to the General Administration of Customs China, the sales volume of imported food in China grew at a compound growth rate of 17.7% from 2009 to 2018, and have reached 500 billion RMB last year.

With the continuous growth of Thailand tourism, Thailand’s snacks have become the dark horse in 2019 “China Double 11”. There are three reasons why Thailand food represented by “Chocky” is widely loved by Chinese. Firstly, Thailand is a Buddhist country and enterprises focus on food quality. Secondly, many enterprises are Chinese descendants, so they know how to customize their products based on Chinese taste while retaining Thai food’s distinguished features. Thirdly, Thailand Chocky has partnered with Beijing Teamfortune International Trade Co., Ltd who has been deeply engaged in food market for over 10 years, and continuously promoted “Chocky” online and offline during the past two years – this is a key factor for this old Thailand snack brand become popular in China.

The rapid increase of “Chocky” in China reflects Chinese growing demand for quality imported food. According to Supra, director of the Guangzhou office of the international trade promotion office of the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand, Chinese snack market has great potential and Thai enterprises should fully seize the opportunity. With “The Belt & Road” policy and strong online e-commerce channels in China, China-Thailand trade will be further strengthened in the future. 

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