% of alkaline in yellow alkaline noodle


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  1. Ricebowl Food Expert
    August 21, 2018 at 9:36 am

    According to Food Regulation 1985, there are no specific regulations that stipulate alkaline limitations in yellow alkaline noodle application.


    However, sodium carbonate & potassium carbonate are commonly used as kansui reagent aka alkali salt in fresh yellow noodles in Malaysia.


    According to General Standard for Food Additive (Codex STAN 192-1995), the maximum level of permitted usage for sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate under food category ‘’fresh pasta and noodles and like products’ is 10,000mg/kg & 11,000mg/kg respectively.



    • Ministry of Health. (2017). Food Regulations 1985.
    • Codex Alimentarius Commission. (2018). General Standard for Food Additive (Codex STAN 192-1995).

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