Vietnam wants export rice to Indonesia + Can Vietnam exports Japonica rice with 5% broken rice into Indonesia? + Does Buyer (Indoenisa Buyer) need to get importation license from Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia for rice importation? If yes, what is decree/circular? + Does Agriculture product only import through one of 4 ports of Indonesia (Regulation 42/2012)?


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  1. Ricebowl Food Expert
    October 31, 2019 at 3:13 pm

    According to regulation No. 51 Year 2014 about Specific Rice Export and Import Recommendations, Japonica rice with 5% broken rice (maximum) is allowed to be imported for industry / special consumption.


    According to the regulation of Ministry of Trade No. 01 Year 2018, the right to import rice for general use in Indonesia has been given by the government only to Bulog (Indonesia’s National Logistic Agency) as the sole importer. Private company who possess “Producer Importer Recognition (API-P)” document issued by Ministry of Trade can import rice, but limited only for industrial purpose / special consumption.


    According to Regulation No. 42 Year 2012 about Plant Quarantine Measures for Importing Fresh Fruit and Fruit Vegetables into Country Area Republic of Indonesia, agriculture products can only enter Indonesia region through these port :

    • Tanjung Perak Sea Port in Surabaya
    • Belawan Sea Port in Medan
    • Soekarno-Hatta Air Port in Jakarta
    • Soekarno-Hatta Sea Port in Makassar
    • Tanjung Priok Sea Port in Jakarta — limited to the country that already have Country Recognition Agreement (CRA) with Indonesia





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