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Terms and Conditions

It is only a bare-bone to allow users and others to access info. in RiceBowl.Asia and also for private question to be made upon payment which is not refundable. All users and others having access to RiceBowl.Asia in compliance with the terms of use and policies are referred to as the “recipient”.

 Please consider to draft the AUP which you may detail specifically what are the restrictions to be included. Generally, AUP is understood per Wiki: Please do check at your end whether AUP is indeed acceptable as a universal reference in such website for information.

 For those below 18 years old i.e. underage users, the parents/guardians will be held responsible for their access – legal principle is that those underage cannot be sued for payment save for a few exceptions including payment for necessity:-

Any recipient under the age of eighteen (18) (“underage users”) shall seek parental and/or guardian approval and consent to register and gain access at RiceBowl.Asia. Any form of proof of parental and/or guardian approval may be requested by RiceBowl.Asia at any time. For underage users, RiceBowl.Asia considers it the responsibility of respective parents and/or guardians to monitor the usage and/or response of said underage users and shall be responsible for all obligations on expense, payment, indemnity, losses and damages arising from the underage users’ access and response in RiceBowl.Asia.